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Shirt stays

What are shirt stays?

Why I was disappointed with my first $1000 suit, and why did those little secret accessories called “shirt stay” change my life.

Shirt stays

5 reasons to wear shirt stays

For those who’ve just heard about them, shirt stays may seem excessive. But they are a great addition if not a staple in any man’s wardrobe!

Introducing the Boxstays

Run, jump, do push-ups, fool around with your shirt perfectly tucked in

After months of preparation, this is it! 

Our gamechanging shirt stays are ready.

And they are only on Louis & James.


Shirt stays - Y style


Secret belt


Meet the team at Louis & James.

We are a group of people from all over the world who met in France to solve our long-standing obsession: feel great, have the freedom to run in our suits, and keep our shirts flawless.

We’ve got lawyers, entrepreneurs or students, all male dresscode nerds. Shirts are part of our apparel and tucking them back is our hourly curse…

… until we crafted the Boxstays. 

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