about us

Bonjour, je suis Louis !

Former advisor in a very serious office for very serious projects, I wore suits every day and enjoyed every minute of it, although I was limited to white or blue shirts. I kept that habit though. I am the guy who wears a shirt for a beach trip. Shocking!

Et James c’est moi!

I work in the hospitality industry and fortunately, I can wear more interesting colours or patterns than those of Louis with my shirts and ties.

Such a shame that I am slightly colorblind.

Louis & James

Louis and James are our aliases as we are sworn to some discretion thanks to our respective jobs.

Fortunately, it does not matter.

All Louis & James is about is to help you walk bold and free, with a flawless shirt throughout the day!

French connection

We have a rich background from all around the world and have lived on multiple continents. However, we launched this project in France. That’s why our writing style is outrageously Frenchy!

Thanks to these experiences, we learnt a universal truth: whether it is in America, Europe, Asia or Africa, everyone felt and looked better with a shirt!

We also learnt the universal backside: every second somewhere on the globe, someone is putting his hand into his trousers trying to arrange his shirt back.

We believe in stopping that curse.

Our values:
Feeling great, looking good.

You know that sensation when you wake up, get a shower, put on your suit and feel like you can do anything? Like you can conquer the world? We know it too.

We can feel it every time we put on a shirt and our jacket. That’s why we deeply care that our shirt is always right where it should be. Perfectly tucked.

But we want to feel unrestricted too. Nothing bothersome whatever we do. Comfort is essential. There is no point in wearing your best outfit if you cannot forget it for the rest of the day. And just do what you like.

Every test we do and the project we work on pursue that philosophy: feeling great, looking good.

Our store

Every time we can, we offer the possibility to our viewers to purchase some of the items we tested.

These items are not our brands. But we found sufficient qualities to these items depending on your needs.

They are also available somewhere else on the Internet. But if you want to save the hours spent finding the exact model, or if you prefer to benefit from our sales policy, or maybe you just want to thank us for our articles, or even better, you want to lend us a hand with the secret shirt stays project, feel free to check our store.

And thank you for your purchase !