The Boxstays.

Walk, run, jump, do push-ups, goof around with your shirt tucked in.

Beta release
in a few weeks.


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estimated price in stock

  • Keep your shirt tucked in under any circumstances.
  • An unparalleled comfort all day long.
  • Feel great, look good!

Estimated delivery: November

Units to be produced:

Beta release
in a few weeks.


in beta-release


estimated price in stock

  • Walk, run, jump, do push-ups, goof around with your shirt tucked in.
  • 5 patent pending features for an unparalleled comfort.
  • Taylor the public version to your personal taste.

Estimated delivery: November

Units to be produced:

We are not yet resigned to the sloppy tuck look.

A sloppy shirt tarnishes the way you are perceived.

Everybody cares about an untucked shirt.

Otherwise gentlemen wouldn’t regularly take a few minutes 10 times a day to put their shirts back in their trousers.

It is instinctive.

The most obvious solution for most people is simply retucking.

But it is no not a pleasant thing to do 10 times a day!

And it is not an elegant process…

That’s how we came up with the Boxstays!

Introducing the Boxstays

A French approach to shirt stays.

We freaking love our shirts and are always looking for ways to keep them perfectly tucked in. We put a ridiculous amount of thoughts on that issue.

The “shirt stay” – a century-old male garment from military tradition – was originally the most convenient solution we found.

But convenient isn’t enough.

We wanted a solution that kept our shirt perfectly tucked in under any circumstances. 
A solution that we would wear all day long without getting tired of it.

The Boxstays are all the innovation we envisioned, crafted and tested to achieve the perfect shirt stays.

The boxstays are the best solution as for now to keep your shirt tucked in...

And get that crisp look with your shirt...

Under any circumstances...

Without compromising on your comfort!

What makes the Boxstays special?

A Boxstay isn’t exactly a new apparel. Au contraire! It’s simply made of two very common parts:

  • a boxer brief.
  • the shirt stays suspenders

The only thing we did is take each part, fine-tuned their potential and put them together.

A very simple idea with fantastic results.

The Boxstays are by far the best experience we’ve had.

We walked, run, stretched, jumped, did push-ups, been goofing around. We’ve never feared for our shirt to pop out once. We felt no discomfort on our thighs, back or anywhere else.

It was just us, enjoying the moment…and goofing around.

Keep scrolling to learn more details about the Boxstays!

The following pictures are to show how the Boxstays behave under your trousers. It’s certainly not about how they are worn 😉

Move freely.

The Boxstays are made to run with. They are designed first and foremost to move with you, keeping your shirt perfectly tucked-into trousers under any circumstances.

No worries, you can lace your shoes.

The elastics of regular shirt stays always pulled too much or not enough.

We designed a sliding system that continuously balance the pulling tension at each end of the elastic strip according to your stance.

It prevents the elastic to overstretch for the simplest task.

So whether you are standing, sitting, kneeling or bending, your shirt is constantly maintained with the perfect amount of pull on each side.

Do literally what you want with your shirt on.

For a stay shirt to be effective, you had to tighten its elastics as much as possible. That meant that we were always feeling odd, uncomfortable, weird for the rest of the day.

The double basis system was the first innovation we developed for the Boxstays. The tension on our thighs is distributed between two elastic bands. This halves the feeling of constriction on our thighs.

And that changes everything. You forget about Boxstays after the first few minutes.

Sit down without feeling odd.

It’s stupid to hesitate to sit  down because it’s uncomfortable. This was the case with regular shirt stays.

On the Boxstays, the sliding system relieves the pull on the back of your shirt when it is not needed. The pull will fully resume as soon as you get up.

So you can sit down… normally.

It’s life’s little pleasures that we can enjoy again.

Wear a short!

Up until now, if you wanted to wear a shirt with shorts, not many shirt stay models allowed you to do so.

The Boxstay is perfect for sporting shorts. Not only does it prevent whale tails and leg bulges, but as seen in the picture, you can move just as easily as in trousers, without any risk of exposure. Perfect for sunny days!

Put them on under 1 mn.

There’s no point in being effective if it takes an eternity to put on and take off.

The different parts of the boxstays can be separated and each part can be quickly and easily attached to each intended garment. Even after the shirt is put on.

Remove them in 2s.

Again there is NO point in being effective if it takes and eternity to take off, ESPECIALLY on URGENT matters ;).

The quick release buckle separates the upper part and the lower part of the boxstays in 2 seconds. You won’t have to take the whole apparel off.

Accordingly, you don’t need to put everything on again once you’re finished, you can just close the buckle to resume the pull.

Get one of the 50 units!


The Boxstays vs. regular shirt stays.

We mean it when we talk about gamechanging shirt stays. Here is how the Boxstays do compared to the most popular type of shirt stays on the market.

How does it work?

The best ideas are often those that are diabolically simple.

And the Boxstay is, as its very core, few very simple ideas put together… with fantastic results.

About us.

We’re your friendly neighborhood frenchmen!!!

We freaking love our shirts and are always looking for ways to keep them perfectly tucked in. We put a ridiculous amount of thoughts on that issue. 

Have you ever bought the same product more than 20 times simply to find out which one works and which one is a marketing ploy?

We did. That’s how committed (fancy pancy for stubborn) we are! But as you know by now, we weren’t satisfied yet, which brought us here.

Now we want to address other people who are still looking for a solution for their untucked shirt: you will love the Boxstays!

Bonjour, je suis Louis !

Et moi c’est James!

What do I gain in backing up the Boxstays?

It’s great that you’re interested in the Boxstays. We’re sure you’ll love them!

But we need a little push from you so that you get a much better Boxstay than the prototype Louis crafted (which we used for our photo shoots above).

You’ll find everything about our offer in the link below.

But we can already tell that the beta-release offer is very likely the best deal we’ll ever propose for the Boxstays, as a token of gratitude for the beta-backers who share the adventure with us!


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