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It cannot be that bad? The Regular tuck

Who cares about their shirts getting untucked? Our dads did it that way. It looks stylish. It's not a big deal. But isn't it though?

It cannot be that bad? The Regular tuck

Almost nobody cares about their shirt once tucked in their trousers. After all, our dads did it that way and they looked good without making any particular effort. And you are not convinced that anyone wearing a shirt you met on the street use a device to stay proper. Well, I beg to differ. People actually care about how their shirts are tucked in without realizing it. We all know the following gesture.

That is our curse. I have never met a man that didn’t have to tuck back his shirt or readjust his pants at least once every few hours.

You probably did which probably mean you care enough. What we may disagree on is how to solve that issue. Some may believe it is not a big deal, that a regular tuck is more than enough to stay dapper. So let’s see if there is some truth in that.

The following test has been performed with the test shirt. It hasn’t been adjusted by a tailor to better fit. As such, the shirt has some excess fabric on the side and the back. This is a shirt that anyone can find and buy in a regular store. The right high-end shirts will certainly give better results, but that topic will be discussed in another article.


The first time we put on the shirt and adjust our pants, the general impression looks decent at most. Some excess fabric on the side and more behind, but you can still get on with, especially under a vest. That doesn’t last long though.

When we raise our arms and lower it back, a muffin top will pop out easily. It is not excessively annoying once, but repeated two or three times, the result is sloppy. And you have to tuck back your shirt.

When we sit

The results are worse after we sit. There is more pulling, so the shirt gets untucked more easily. As a result, once standing, the shirt is even sloppier. And you have to tuck back your shirt!

When you do 10 burpees and 10 push-ups

Let’s say you’re somewhat late for your train and must run the last 50 metres. Can you stay decent when you get on the train or do people look at you with a smile, like they knew you were about to miss the train?

I believe the results are similar if you even need to run 20 meters to catch a train.

Well, I believe the results speak for themselves. You have to tuck back your shirt!

When you CERTAINLY MUST NOT be distracted

Let’s say you are in a meeting, about to convince people about the greatness of your idea. It’s your turn to get up and speak.

Oh no! People can see your belly. But you cannot tuck back your shirt!


I believe we all understand the frustration. Otherwise you will not be on this website, looking for solutions.

It’s not about being fashionable. Although some of us may have that goal in mind. It’s about being free. Feeling relaxed. Not having to think about that shirt every damn hour. Because let’s face it, you know and feel it when your shirt is getting untucked. And somewhere in our mind, our animal selves just want to tuck that shirt back every time it gets untucked.

Of course, the regular tuck doesn’t have only drawbacks. For example, you won’t need to put aside some extra time in the morning to apply a specific device. If you have a special occasion with a new partner, there is no issue as it can be the case with other methods. And you certainly won’t feel any discomfort.

So, I would still recommend not wearing or applying anything special when you’re in your lazy mood, or when you only care about chilling with your family or friends. But if you are in an environment that requires you to be well-dressed, it’s preferable to try another solution.

Final score


with a jacket.


without a jacket.

Main issue: it's really messy behind although you do not see or feel it.


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