Introducing the Boxstays

Run, jump, do push-ups, fool around with your shirt perfectly tucked in

After months of preparation, this is it! 

Our gamechanging shirt stays are ready.

And they are only on Louis & James.

What are shirt stays?

Why I was disappointed with my first $1000 suit, and why did those little secret accessories called "shirt stay" change my life.

Finally, my first good suit!

I was nothing but blissfullness when I bought my first respectable suit at 30.

Suits started to fascinate me at the relatively young age. I spent hours devouring the contents of specialized blogs and forums. Relished every picture posted by the Savile Row tailors. Pictured so many times that exhilaration when I’ll finally be able to put on such a suit, already experiencing that feeling of assurance and fearlessness that was depicted by these very blogs.

So, I was at the peak of my excitation when I finally got to wear my $1000 suit for the first time.

That sensation didn’t remain more than 10 minutes.

My first "good" shirts​...

Truth to be told, the experience brought by that expensive suit was ruined as soon as I moved for 5 minutes. My shirt always popped out of my trousers. And then, all I could think about was re-tucking that damn shirt.

That shirt needed to be tamed.

​So, I got a more expensive shirt. I figured a good suit needed at least a $100 shirt. But it didn’t work much. So, I got another one, with the closest fit I could get. Still didn’t work, and I felt like wearing a camisole. Then I got another one and had it altered by a British tailor for an additional $50. Yet another letdown.

It got slightly better every time, but it was never satisfying. I always ended up feeling like a potato bag after 5 minutes doing the simplest tasks.

So, I was on the verge of alienating my monthly food budget to acquire a $300 bespoke shirt, before I wavered. And finally decided to give a shot to an accessory that I’ve come across during my readings, but appeared to me as a gimmick: a $15 shirt stay.

And boy… I did not expect much from these but… THAT. WAS. IT.

From the first step out my house to the very last when I came back at the end of the day, I was able to feel and sustain that exhilaration I was so desperately looking for. And I can’t even describe the complete peace of mind for each minute of the whole day.

For $15…

What are shirt stays ?

Shirt stays are small devices created for the sole purpose of keeping your shirt tucked in. They are many types of shirt stays, using different principles to fulfill that goal, with different price tags, which bring different results and with more or less flair.

Get a $15 shirt stay before a $1,000 suit

Because they are often unknown among men’s strictly approved accessories, they easily appear as gimmicky or vain. But they are not. In fact, they have an exceptionally honorable pedigree, being part of men’s accessories of military origin. They are still part of the mandatory equipment for military ceremonial outfits and part of the everyday equipment of law enforcement officers.

So before your next big purchase, do yourself a favor: give them a try!

Get your pair of shirt stays. There are so many of them and they can be cheap. We tested a lot already so you can choose the right one for you.

This is a male apparatus that should be shared beyond its very selective military and connoisseurs circle.



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