Introducing the Boxstays

Run, jump, do push-ups, fool around with your shirt perfectly tucked in

After months of preparation, this is it! 

Our gamechanging shirt stays are ready.

And they are only on Louis & James.

What kind of shirt did we use?

For those who want to know the conditions of our tests, this article describes the characteristics of the shirts we use.

What kind of shirt did we use?

It’s no secret that ill-fitted shirts don’t help to achieve a respectable appearance. So many articles are out there to explain neophyte what the issue is and how to choose the correct shirt, depending on your body type, height, etc.

Still, those who already have that knowledge are, most of the time, struggling to find a well-fitted shirt, especially under a certain budget.

Of course, someone who is willing to put the price and get a tailor-made shirt will have a perfectly fitted shirt. But the vast majority, and I include myself, will not pay hundreds of dollars for their shirts.

Thus, because shirts on the ready-to-wear market are the ones we probably all have or had in our closet, those will serve as my main test shirts. I have few made-to-measure shirts that I will keep for a specific assessment about their benefits compared to ready-to-wear shirts, at least regarding the cut. Some people, including myself, buy the best fitted shirts we can find on the RTW market and adjust the few imperfections we found with the help of a tailor.

That is a good balance between the made-to-measure market and the RTW one. It’s still not as good as a shirt tailored for your exact needs, but it provides pleasing results both on the general look of the shirt and one your wallet. I recommend that extra-step for people that wears shirts daily.

Despite the better look altered shirts provides, I will not necessarily use those for testing purposes.

There are 3 reason behind that logic.

First, unaltered shirts, because of the extra fabric tends to get messier, hence, the positive effect of shirt stays will be more visible.

Second, I believe few people go the extra-mile to achieve that result. So, it is only fairer to use unaltered shirts – but still a decent fit – when it is what most people wear.

And, finally, in any case, the positive results of any device or trick on these test shirts would only be much better with altered or tailored ones.

With those characteristics in mind, here are the main shirts I’m planning to use, and for comparison, my body size:

The blue shirt

The blue one is slightly larger than my body size (especially the arms). As stated above, I would usually have made it adjusted, but kept it that way for testing purposes. Most people tend to buy slightly larger shirts for “comfort” purposes anyway.

You will find below the results in a regular setup, i.e., without any tucking device or trick.

The white shirt

This white shirt is a closer fit already. A bit tight on the chest. Some – usually younger men – will like that effect, some will argue that it’s too tight already. That’s a recurrent discussion that I find too subjective anyway to really matter – under reasonable limits. What is true however is that women tend to appreciate that tightness on the chest provided there are enough pectoral muscles to fill it properly.

Again, below the results without artifices.

With those results in mind, it is time to see the effectiveness of the different device or tricks to keep that shirt tucked !

Cheers, Louis


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