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What our fathers did: the Underwear tuck

Tucking your shirt into your underwear is probably the first advice we heard, either from a friend or your father. But does it work?
Model wearing a shirt tucked into his underwear

30 seconds summary

+++ No loss of comfort
+ Easy to use
+ Easy to set up and to remove
+ Nothing to buy

– – – A very apparent whale’s tail
– – Not that effective


Tucking your shirt into your underwear is probably the first advice we heard, either from a friend or your father.

How does it work

The idea is simple: slip your shirt into your underwear before putting your pants. It provides a double grip: a first one with the underwear’s waistband and the second one with your trouser’s belt.

The best advantage is that it doesn’t require anything that we don’t already have or wear every day (unless you’re one of the free folks). It takes literally 10 seconds to tuck your shirt into your underwear. And it is as comfortable as your underwear is. It may feel peculiar having the bottom of your shirt touching your buttocks at first, but you will forget that feeling after few minutes.

When you stand

* Please note that the following pictures come from another photoshoot, so I don’t wear the same underwear 🙂

And the results are not too bad. It’s a bit better than just tuck your shirt into your trousers. And when you raise your arms and lower them back, it is more satisfying than a regular tuck

When you sit

It is another matter though when you sit. No comfort problems there. But you’ll have a whale’s tail. And nobody wants to be caught with a whale’s tail.

I must say though, I got complimented by a colleague about my white boxers with pink hearts the first day I tried that method at the office. So, if you do not mind that kind of scenario, nobody judges.

When I got up again, my shirt slightly got untucked behind. But you will need to sit and get up 2 or 3 times before needing to tuck your whole attire again.

Can you run a 100m?

The idea here is to test the products in “extreme” conditions. With a lot of movements.

And without much surprise, the result is… unsatisfactory. You are not restricted by your movements, nor do you feel anything bothersome which can be the case with other products.

But in the end, your shirt will come out entirely and that’s not what you want if you ever needed to catch your train looking dapper.

Can you wear shorts?

“Who wear shirts with shorts? That’s a faux pas”! would say some people. But we do not judge. And personally, I find some outfit displaying a nonchalant elegance.

But for those who dare to do that, yes tucking your shirt into your underwear works with shorts… but you’ll have a whale’s tail.

And with this summer outfit, you won’t be able to put a jacket to hide it.

So, beware.

When you score

Let’s face it, unless you used a regular tuck, everyone has to pay a visit to the restroom if an opportunity of sexy time arises.

But it will be fast enough with the underwear tuck as you would only need to take out your shirt.

If you are in the mood, you still have the possibility to passionately liberate your shirt from your pants. That is an option that other methods do not offer.

Long day usage

This is for me the major advantage of that system. After a day wearing my shirt tucked in my underwear, I felt nothing in particular, which is good.


+++ No loss of comfort
+ Easy to use
+ Easy to set up and to remove
+ Nothing to buy

– – – A very apparent whale’s tail
– – Not that effective

The underwear tuck is an easy solution. It is definitely comfortable and you don’t exactly change from your habits.

But I have two major issues.

First the whale tail. I was worried every time I had to sit down (which happens more than one usually expects).

So not only people got to see your underwear whenever they happen to pass behind you (which happens a lot in an office), but if you get caught, it is a clear statement that you care about your look. And I believe most of us prefer the idea of appearing effortlessly dapper.

My second issue is that the underwear tuck only slows down the curse. You will have to isolate yourself to the restroom from time to time to tuck again your shirt. But I would argue that those trips will be divided by 2.

Final score


with a jacket.


without a jacket.


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