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“Why care about untucked shirts, just tuck it back!”

The untucked shirt is a recurrent problem of men’s wardrobe. So many tricks and devices were invented trying to fix that issue.

You DO care about untucked shirts

As silly as it sounds, the untucked shirt is a recurrent problem of men’s wardrobe. So many tricks and devices were invented trying to fix that issue, with more or less success. I regularly found the following ones wandering on the internet:

  • Seam a rubber strip or waistgrippers on your pants’ waistband
  • Put double sided tape on your pants’ waistband
  • Fold your shirt like the military
  • Tuck your shirt into your underwear
  • Use magnets
  • Tuck your shirt into the bottom part of your underwear
  • Use regular shirt stays (declined on foot, classic and Y)
  • Use half knees shirt stays
  • Tailor your shirts and pants
  • Use Baby pins
  • Put on Tucked Trunks
  • Wear shirt stays belt
  • Put on a onesuit-shirt (I found this one on Parisian gentleman)
  • Tailor a specific excrescence on your shirt (I also found this one on Parisian gentleman)

They don’t need an explanation yet. And pictures are worth a thousand words anyway.

For such a trivial problem, it gives more headache that it should. And contrary to what some people suggest, it’s not an issue related to the quality of your shirt only. Certainly, a well-tailored shirt will help, but it only slows down the untucking process. And the very specific solutions found on Parisian Gentlemen shows that it is still an issue even for high-end tailoring houses.

I think no satisfying answer has been found yet. Each of these solutions has their pros and cons, some, let’s be honest, are hard to wear. People that are looking to buy one of those will have to choose wisely, especially if they plan to invest in more expensive (and supposedly more efficient) devices.

Or try them all

I’ve been that person. I spent much more than I should have reading, viewing videos and trying few tricks and devices. I do not think anyone tried every solution there was because that would be time-consuming and so nerdy. That’s why I will try them all. So, you won’t have to! Also, because I’m sort of a nerd but that is another matter. Every now and then, I will try and test a new trick or device using the same process and requisites. I will try them through different setup and post my appreciation.

My main requirements are comfort, effectiveness and ease of use. That is because I work in a suit-wearing office and need to sit on a chair a fair amount of time. Not thinking every second about these tricks or devices are my first issue as I do not want to be distracted and keep focus on my objectives. My second goal is of course keeping my shirt properly tucked every time I get up to grab a cup of coffee. And finally, if I can go to the restroom without bringing a screwdriver or a wrench, that would be an appreciable plus.

Of course, people may have different expectations. I am aware that a significant population using shirt stays are within the police force or the military. Certainly, these gentlemen demand a better effectiveness and comfort so they can still look proper and feel unimpeded whilst chasing the bad guys and saving lives. Other readers may only want to ensure their shirt won’t display their bellies to their newly met night partner while seated and need something easy to put and remove. I’ll take these specific needs in mind.

Finally, there are so many shirt stays devices on the internet, from generic ones to high-end independent brands, so it’ll take me some time to try them all. As such, I will start with the generic ones, and for two reasons:

  • there are few motives to buy the same thing for a higher price if the cheaper version gets things done
  • and it will allow me to understand what it the actual added value of the high-end brand compared to the generic one, apart for pure aesthetic, especially as shirt stays devices are generally hidden.

I hope at some point you will find among my articles the device or trick tailored to your specific needs. If there is one that is not on the list and that you are aware of, I’m certain your contribution would be much appreciated by the gentlemen’s community and I’ll add it to the test list.




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